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Facial Self Threader

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An Affordable Way To Get Silky, Sexy & Hair-Free Look!




Are you fed up with your monthly parlor routine? And, are you desperate to know the alternative ways for hot wax, razor, tweezers and etc. Well, we here bring you an amazing and innovative alternative - Eyebrow Face and Body Hair Threading. Once you try this hair threader, you will never use any other hair removal method.

This slique threading kit gives a woman a model like look easily. It gives effective results right in the comfort of the house. Moreover, it efficiently and quickly removes hair in a straight line. It is the best painless method to remove unwanted hair. 

Effective Way To Remove Hair With Hair Threader
You can use this hair threader on your cheeks, chin, forehead, upper lip, arms, legs, and even fingers and toes. This threading twists the hair and removes it from the root, which also decreases the growth of new hair.

Additionally, this face hair-threading machine doesn't have any side effects.

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